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’30 for 30: Bullies of Baltimore’ Soundtrack Available Now

NFL Films has released the soundtrack album for the next installment in the Peabody and Emmy award-winning 30 for 30 series, “Bullies of Baltimore.” The show premiered on February 5 at 8:30 p.m. ET and is available on ESPN+.

The album features the film’s original music composed by David Robidoux (All or NothingLombardiHard KnocksNamath) & Ryan Scully.

The soundtrack is available digitally on several platforms including Amazon and Spotify.

You can view the track list from the album below:

1. Bullies of Baltimore – David Robidoux (4:58)
2. The Team We’ll Never Forget – David Robidoux (2:09)
3. Greatest Defense Ever – David Robidoux (1:44)
4. Birdman – David Robidoux (1:22)
5. Eleven Man Wrecking Crew – David Robidoux (0:58)
6. They Don’t Know What’s Coming – David Robidoux (1:45)
7. Offensive Struggles – Ryan Scully (1:54)
8. Pure Physicality – Ryan Scully (1:47)
9. Toughest Teams – Ryan Scully (1:14)
10. Feeding The Myth – Ryan Scully (1:51)
11. A Festive Time – Ryan Scully (0:52)
12. Now We Can Say It – Ryan Scully (0:37)
13. Won’t See Us Coming – Ryan Scully (0:32)
14. Rising Opposition – Ryan Scully (0:51)
15. We Came to Dominate – Ryan Scully (2:27)
16. Cranked to the Max – David Robidoux (1:17)
17. Basically an Earthquake – David Robidoux (2:14)
18. Lions Hunt Everyday – David Robidoux (1:26)
19. Don’t Let Nobody Fool You – David Robidoux (2:29)
20. Champions of the World – David Robidoux (1:52)
21. Ripped Away – David Robidoux (1:10)
22. Best Day of My Life – David Robidoux (1:51)

Directed by Ken Rodgers (“The Tuck Rule,” “The Two Bills,” “Four Falls of Buffalo”) and Jason Weber (“NFL 100,” “The Way Up: Chris Long & The Waterboys”), the documentary is a lively and colorful look back at the team’s magical season framed by a reunion of its key figures filmed in front of a live audience in Baltimore in May 2022.

They were arguably the most dominating defensive team in NFL history – and perhaps the most entertaining club that pro football has ever seen. A behemoth on the field that turned into, literally, one of the classic shows of the reality television era. Now, a little more than two decades after one extraordinary season etched their legacy for all time, the documentary tells the story of a Super Bowl champion for the ages.

The film features commentary from Shannon Sharpe, the late Tony Siragusa, Brian Billick, Trent Dilfer, Ray Lewis, Rod Woodson, Jamal Lewis, Marvin Lewis, Kevin Byrne, and Jack Del Rio. The documentary is executive produced by ESPN Films in association with NFL Films.

You can check out the trailer below:


Source: Film Music Reporter

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