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‘4 Ever’ Latin American Disney+ Original Series Teaser Released

Disney has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Latin American Disney+ Original series “4 Ever” is expected to begin streaming on Disney+ globally in October.  The series stars members of the Latin boy band CNCO, who will be making their acting debut in this new series.

In “4 Ever”, young musicians Andy (Christopher Vélez), Ian (Richard Camacho), Ciro (Zabdiel De Jesús), and Darío (Erick Brian Colón) meet by chance at a restaurant, where they get involved in an unexpected situation: A valuable guitar has just disappeared. To recover the guitar and return it to its owner, they must put together a band.

Their mission is challenging because each musician is different. Andy is described as a demanding perfectionist, Darío is sensitive and romantic, and Ciro is distant and aloof. But it’s their passion for music that bonds as they embark on a journey that involves the promise of success.

Also starring in the new seres are Carlos Ponce, Virginia Álvarez (Helena), Noemi Hopper (Sabrina), Laura Rosguer (Alicia), Jearnest Corchado (Helga), Sonya Smith (Paulina), Wendy Regalado (Teresa), Ricardo Becerra (Francisco), Mariano Chiesa (Oliver), Guido Massri (Julio De los Ríos), Yesika Glikman (Isabella Smith) and Christopher Navarro (Mateo).

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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