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5 Disney+ Movies That Have ‘Cultural’ Warnings

It was expected that Disney would be censoring certain content on Disney+ that might be offensive in today’s world.

Instead, Disney decided to keep everything as originally intended and is providing viewers with a disclaimer warning of “outdated cultural depictions”.

Here are the 5 movies with the warning:

Dumbo (1941): Contains a scene of a group of cigar-smoking crows, with their leader named Jim Crow, referring to the racist segregation laws of the South, and voiced by a white actor.

Peter Pan (1953): Has been criticized for the way its Native American characters were portrayed, including when they sing the song “What Made The Red Man Red,” and for the way white characters appropriate headdresses and apparel.

Lady And The Tramp (1955): Features a pair of Siamese cats that sing “The Siamese Cat Song” in stereotypical Asian voices.

The Jungle Book (1967): Has been criticized for its orangutans, which are seen as a racist caricature of black Americans.

The Aristocats (1970): Has also been condemned for its Siamese cat, which plays the piano and talks about Asian food in a stereotypical accent.

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