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5 Things You Need To Know This Week (3/12)

A lot of news happened this week!  We’ve rounded up the top 5 news stories so you can stay informed on everything that’s happening.

Check out the top 5 news stories below:

1.   The first teaser trailer has been released for the highly anticipated “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series which will debut exclusively on Disney+ on May 25.  Watch it here!

2.  Disney+ has announced “The Muppets Mayhem,” a comedy series starring the world-famous Muppets, has been greenlit.

3.   “Ms. Marvel” will be the next Marvel series to release on Disney+ after Moon Knight.

4.  “Daredevil” Season 4 is rumored to begin filming soon.

5.   Disney+ has released a first look at its upcoming all-new live-action “Pinocchio,” which will premiere exclusively on the streaming service this September.



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