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A Disney Fan Dream Job, Get Paid to Watch Disney+

Here is the ultimate dream job for any Disney fan!  You can get paid to watch Disney+! Reviews.org has re-opened their Disney+ Dream Job with a few modifications. They are going to select 10 people at random to receive $200 and a year-long subscription to Disney+.

That’s right!  Reviews.org will pay the select lucky winners $200 (in a Visa Gift Card) and supply a year-long subscription to Disney+ (also via gift card).  Here are the details!

  1. Relax.
  2. Take your mind off what’s going on outside for a few hours.
  3. Fill out the winner’s survey.
  4. Watch a Disney movie.
  5. Spend your $200 on whatever you want.

That’s how easy it is!  Here’s how to apply:

All you have to do is send Reviews.org an email at giveaways@reviews.org with the words “Dream Job” in the email subject line, and your name and favorite Disney movie in your email message.

As long as you include your name and your absolute favorite Disney movie, and you’re at least 18 years old and a US citizen, then your application will be added to the list.  Good luck!

Be sure to check out Reviews.org for complete terms and conditions.

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