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ABC News’ ‘Demons And Saviors’ Coming To Disney+ (AUS/NZ)

Disney has announced that the documentary series “Demons and Saviors” will be coming to Disney+ in Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

The three-part series “Demons and Saviors” tells the remarkable story of Christina Boyer– once infamously known as the “poltergeist girl,” now a woman convicted of murdering her three-year-old daughter. Thirty years into a life sentence, Christina still proclaims her innocence. The series follows a group of amateur sleuths who have become consumed by their obsession to exonerate her. Exploring Christina’s troubled upbringing, her alleged telekinetic abilities, and the questions that remain about the death of her daughter, “Demons and Saviors” investigates what is the conspiracy and what is the truth.

Check out the trailer below:

Episode descriptions are below:

Episode 1 – “The Poltergeist Girl”

Poltergeists, telekinesis, or a troubled teen? Before Christina Boyer was convicted of murder, she was a child media sensation for apparently moving objects with her mind. Nearly 40 years later, the key to her innocence or guilt may be in her youth.

Episode 2 – Who Killed Amber Bennett

From celebrity to cellblock, Christina is back in the spotlight at age 22 after the shocking death of her daughter. As investigators search for answers, her small southern town demands justice and is quick to accuse the “Poltergeist Girl” of murder.

Episode 3 – Team Tina vs. The Prosecution

After 30 years in prison, Christina finds hope in an eclectic group of amateur sleuths called “Team Tina.” As the group tries to uncover new evidence to prove her innocence, they are met with firm opposition from the people who put her away.

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