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‘American Born Chinese’ Season 2 Release Date: Will It Happen?

American Born Chinese has officially debuted on Disney+ on May 24, 2023

In case you didn’t know, the show is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Gene Luen Yang, “American Born Chinese” chronicles the trials and tribulations of a regular American teenager whose life is forever changed when he befriends the son of a mythological god. This is the story of a young man’s battle for his own identity, told through family, comedy, and action-packed Kung-Fu.

Now that season has ended, the biggest question remaining is if and when we might see American Born Chinese return for season 2? Read on for everything we know about season 2!

Will There Be a Season 2 of American Born Chinese?

Official Renewal Status: Pending / Not Yet Renewed
Our Renewal Prediction: Leaning Canceled

Disney has yet to make an official announcement regarding the future of “American Born Chinese,” but third-party analytics seem to indicate that the show’s prospects for a second season is slim.

While Disney has kept the precise viewership data for “American Born Chinese” under wraps, the series only managed to crack the top 10 on Disney+ for a single day, peaking at the number 8 position. While this limited information should be interpreted cautiously, it certainly doesn’t paint a picture of the show as a breakout hit.

In the past, Disney was more inclined to renew a show based on its potential, even if the viewership figures weren’t astronomical. However, the era of open-ended spending has come to a close for Disney, which is now laser-focused on profitability.

For “American Born Chinese” to secure a second season, it will need to not just catch eyes but hold them, generating substantial viewership numbers as proof of its viability.

While the hard metrics for “American Born Chinese” might not look overwhelmingly promising, Disney CEO Bob Iger has emphasized that the company’s decision-making process is not solely reliant on data, but also takes creative considerations into account.

The show’s pedigree, featuring multiple Oscar winners and even generating buzz about potential Emmy nominations, adds another layer of complexity. These accolades could serve as compelling reasons to give the show another season, even if its viewership numbers don’t set records. So, while the odds may seem long, the possibility of a second season is not entirely off the table.

Disney’s announcement of show renewals lacks a predictable pattern. Renewals can happen before the newest season airs, during the finale episode, or take months to be announced. We anticipate news regarding the show’s renewal within the next 6 months, if not earlier. Otherwise, cancellation is probably imminent.

We’ll be sure to update this article once Disney has confirmed further news about ‘American Born Chinese’ Season 2.

‘American Born Chinese’ Season 2 Release Date

As Disney hasn’t confirmed if ‘American Born Chinese’ will return for season 2, no official release date has been announced. However, we can certainly make an educated guess based on typical release patterns.

If ‘American Born Chinese’ is renewed for a second season, we expect it to arrive on Disney+ no earlier than 2025 due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

We’ll update this article with any official news once its announced.

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  1. Really liked the American born Chinese. Hope you continue the series. That was cliff hanger on the end . It would be a shame if you left us wondering what happened to the parents .


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