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Ashley Eckstein to Lead New Audiodrama at Disney

Actor Ashley Eckstein, best known to fans as the original voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, will be starring in and co-creating a brand-new audiodrama for Disney Publishing aimed at a young adult audience, as well as serving as Executive Producer, Collider reports.

Currently, little details are known about the untitled project however the audiodrama will reportedly also feature a full cast.

According to the outlet, the original YA audiodrama is set to kick off a new original IP for Disney, and while Eckstein is set to lead the first outing as part of the new initiative, Disney is looking to expand the IP into new publishing formats. The audiodrama is set to be produced by Jeff Gomez, a fantasy/sci-fi writer who has experience working across mediums, making him an ideal candidate to shepherd this new, original IP into its various publishing formats.

A release date for the audiodrama has not been announced yet.

Source: Collider

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