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Big Shot – Episode 5 Review

This here is your mid-season warning! We’re officially halfway through the first season of Big Shot, as episode 5 arrives on Disney+ this Friday, 14th May.

I hope you’re following things closely this week, as things start to get more interesting and several storylines start to play out. Louise is shocked after something happens to her dad, which she desperately tries to keep quiet from her teammates. Of course, everything going on with her causes her to be off her game, which coach Korn notices.

It’s a clever plotline that mirrors the things that Coach Korn has gone through, so it hits home with him, especially seeing how it affects Louise, making him think of his own daughter. Korn’s whole deal appears to be that he’s trying to make amends for the mistakes he made on the basketball court when truthfully, the real issues that he is trying to work through are with the relationship he has with his daughter.

Romance seems to be on the cards for Coach Korn this week, although he seems to be completely oblivious to it. We’re starting to see that there is more to his character than just the experience of coaching at a high level. There is a lot he’s learning from the girls he’s coaching, something that he never anticipated when he took the job.

“Big Shot” continues to bring us real-world issues that teenagers face every day; it is one of a handful of Disney+ exclusives that are centred around high school kids coming together to work as part of a team, there are always lessons to be learned, even for a family show.

Episode 5 of Big Shot lands on Disney+ on Friday 14th May; new episodes arrive weekly.

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