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Big Shot Episode 6 Review – ‘Carlsbad Crazies’

Minor spoilers ahead

Episode 6 of Big Shot arrives on Disney+ this Friday, and it really feels like we’re getting to the heart of the series; this episode shows just how big that heart is. It’s easily the best episode so far, with many emotion and lessons learned for a few different characters.

After the shock of Louise’s dad being arrested last week, emotions are still running high at Westbrook. Despite her friends’ reassurance that everything will be forgotten about by tomorrow, it’s hard for people to move past what her dad did, especially when the school gym is named after him.

Coach Korn is under pressure; the threat of a boycott will make it hard for the team to win their upcoming game. There’s also the small matter of a college scout attending, which could be a great chance for Louise to be spotted. Oh, and Dean Thomas makes Korn guarantee the team will win the game; if they lose, she has to do a forfeit, which involves kissing a pig, something she’s had to do for the past 6 years and isn’t prepared to do again. 

The events surrounding Louise’s dad starts to cause a rift in the team when they disagree with Destiny signing the petition. She recognises that she should back her friend, but at the same time, she has to stick to her principles. 

Meanwhile, Coach Korn catches up with his old friend, the college scout, who he persuades to look at Louise, promising that she is the real deal. He tells Marvyn that he seems like a different person, less “radioactive”, that coaching high school seems to have relaxed him. Marvyn puts it down to his daughter, keeping him in check; it’s a sweet moment when he realises that he’s really just being himself, and that might be all he needs to be.

From here, the episode really gets going; the Sirens learn about each other and what it means to show up for your friends. Both Coach Korn and Coach Holly go on their own separate journeys, where they come to understand what it really takes to coach. Holly gets to show her old coach that she’s made of stronger stuff than when she chose to cut her from her team. Marvyn learns that coaching is more than just what you do or don’t do on the court and that sometimes just having someone’s back is the most important thing, above all else.

The episode utilises almost the whole cast to teach each other how important it is to be yourself. There is a moment between Marvyn and Holly after the game when Marvyn says he can see that he’s “created a monster in Holly” after she refuses to celebrate in favour of running footage of the game to find the teams weak spot. Holly replies that she thinks the monster was there all along. That sums up the message that this show is bringing, that often we need to go through things and make mistakes to realise that the person we really need to be is the one that was there all along.

My favourite episode of the series so far 5 out of 5

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  1. It was good but they could of made A little more realistic the sirens were down by one or 12 seconds left calrlsbad didn’t have to shoot the ball being up by 1 so the sirens would’ve had to foul make them shoot free throws and they could’ve had Samantha shoot a long three and make it for the win that would’ve been more realistic but Regardless it’s a really good show

  2. If this series is supposed to be in the modern era then the over-the-top behaviour of the other coach would never fly in today’s woke society. I expect some exaggeration in entertainment, but this was too far over the top to be taken seriously. It was the worst of the franchise so far and I have been enjoying it until now.


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