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Big Sky Episode 11 Review ‘All Kind of Snakes’

Big Sky returned to Disney+ last week, after its mid-season break and this week, the plot focuses on newcomers, the Kleinsassers, and as we’ve come to expect from this show, everything may not be as it seems…

With a controlling father whose health is in decline, the new family find themselves at odds with each other as they struggle with the idea of who will take over as heard of the family once their father is gone. The family brings a new air of mystery to the show; we know that something isn’t right with them. We don’t yet know exactly what it is.

Ronald is still very much a part of the story as he struggles with the weight of his past. He’s pushed almost to the point of snapping by his new girlfriend, which causes him to retreat to visit his mother’s grave, probably not a great idea.

11 episodes in, and I’m still unsure where this series is taking us; it remains a surprise each week. I actually feel like the breathing space that the mid-season break gave has helped to increase the anticipation of what’s to come. With the introduction of the Kleinsasser family as the new villains, I think there is still lots of potential for an exciting second half of the season.

Episode 11 of Big Sky lands on Disney+ this Friday, 28th May. 3.5 out of 5

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