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Big Sky Episode 5 Review

With the amount of action and twists we’ve seen already, it’s hard to believe we’re only five episodes into Big Sky. As I’m watching episode 5 unfold, it’s hard to see how things are going to be resolved, will the girls be saved and the bad guys brought to justice?

Episode 5 gives us an insight into Rick and Ronald’s relationship via a flashback, where we learn more about how Rick preying on Ronald’s insecurities to get him to help him. It’s clear the pair both get different things from their working together, as we find out that Ronald doesn’t even know what happens to the women after they are transported elsewhere.

We continue to see that Rick is underestimating Ronald, he’s more intelligent than he seems, and his relationship with his mother is still as jarring and creepy as we’ve seen in previous episodes.

There has been a showdown between Rick and Cassie brewing for a while and episode 5 ramps up the drama as the two face off again. It’s been a bitter relationship from the start, Rick is a racist, misogynist and his contempt for Cassie is at an all time high. The showdown between the two adds a brilliant spark to the narrative.

Episode 5 shows us that Big Sky isn’t playing it safe, it’s not afraid to take risks and no one is safe on the show. There is plenty of mystery and intrigue and it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next.

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