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Big Sky – Episode 7 Review

Big Sky has been a really surprising show for me, it’s probably not something I’d usually watch, the trailer and synopsis didn’t grab my attention, but I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it right from the start. Each episode has been exciting, with plenty going on to keep me wanting to come back each week. Another show that has proven to me that weekly episodes are superior to binge-watching.

If you think this show is going to slow down anytime soon, you can think again, because episode 7 will have you on the edge of your seat. Ronald has been on the edge all series, his impulsiveness in episode 1 lead to him abducting Grace and Danielle, which was never a part of the plan and strained his relationship with Rick to breaking point. While he may be reckless, Ronald isn’t stupid and he is proving to be more in control than he was previously given credit for.

Big Sky doesn’t mess around with its pacing, it’s pleasantly surprising for a show to have so much action and big moments within its first few episodes. Even as we come close to solving one mystery, there is always another around the corner.

I just can’t predict where this series is going to go, I’m excited to see more each week.

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