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Big Sky Episode 9 Review: Let it Be Him

This series lives for shocking moments, and it never fails to give us one. Every murder throughout the series so far has had a build-up, and each and everyone has been as shocking as the last. Rick continues to look out for his own interests first, even while handcuffed to a hospital bed.

Merilee seems to have a moment of realisation about just who she’s been married to for all this time. What follows is just about as shocking as you’d expect from the series at this stage. A lot of what has previously happened with Rick and his wife since episode 5 make more sense after this episode as things come full circle for the pair.

So what is up with Ronald? Well, he continues to outsmart everyone this week, creating diversions and getting himself ahead of the authorities. There’s a pretty tense scene that leaves us wondering for a time, just what Ronald is capable of.

There are some poignant scenes with Rachel and Jerrie, and it’s nice to see Jerrie back in the mix. Cassie and Jenny seem to have reached a point in their partnership where they are headed towards being friends again. I’m sure the relationship will be put to the test in the future though as the two of them continue to pursue Ronald.

It’s crazy to think that we’re only just past the halfway point of this series, with everything that’s happened so far it could easily have been stretched out to a full season. I’m excited to see where things go in the next half as things come to a conclusion.

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