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Captain America Anthony Mackie Already Preparing for His Next Role

With Falcon and the Winter Soldier ending just a few weeks ago, fans were left wondering what might be in store for the new Captain America. Not long after the dust had settled on the explosive season finale, we got the news that a fourth Captain America movie was in the works from TFATWS showrunner Malcolm Spellman, which surely means a return for Anthony Mackie’s version of the Star-Spangled Man.

In a recent interview with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, Mackie revealed that it takes around four months to get in shape for a role while seemingly confirming that he’s already part of the way through the process.

“You take the four months. Like right now, I am at the end of the first month of the four-month process to get back away from fat Mackie to movie Mackie.”

The way he describes it hints that he could be joining an MCU project that is set to film in the next three to four months. He could, of course, be lined up for a cameo in a project that is already partway through filming, but it seems unlikely he would go through such a rigorous schedule of training just for a small cameo. It seems that whatever project he is preparing for will require him to be physically active. Could we see the return of Wilson’s Captain America sooner than expected?

He could, of course, be preparing for something completely different that isn’t even a Marvel production. Still, his interview seems to hint towards a regular process to shape a physical role.

Source: The Daily Show.

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