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‘Cruel Summer’ Canceled; Won’t Return For Season 3

Disney’s Freeform network has decided to cancel “Cruel Summer” after its two-season run.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Freeform executives considered renewing “Cruel Summer,” but the show’s ratings did not justify its production costs. This decision aligns with Disney’s broader cost-cutting goal of $2 billion.

“Cruel Summer’s” debut season marked Freeform’s most successful series launch. It also gained considerable popularity on Hulu. However, the second season experienced a decline in ratings, failing to replicate the initial success.

Disney’s strategy to reduce expenses includes cutting back on general entertainment productions. Since Entertainment One (eOne) produced “Cruel Summer,” Disney does not have global rights to the show, making it less advantageous for them to continue its production. This factor, combined with the high costs and lower ratings, led to the decision to cancel the series.

The recent removal of Freeform from Spectrum Cable’s channel bundle indicates a potential trend among other cable providers. This development casts uncertainty over the future availability of Freeform in various cable packages, so, unfortunately, it makes sense that “Cruel Summer” hasn’t been renewed. Disney is instead providing Disney+ With Ads for Spectrum Cable’s bundle.

You can now stream both seasons of “Cruel Summer” on Hulu, as well as on Hulu through Disney+.

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