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When Will ‘Dave’ Season 3 Be On Disney Plus?

The third season of ‘Dave’ has officially debuted in the United States on FX and Hulu.

In Season 3, Dave (series co-creator Dave Burd aka Lil Dicky) is headlining his first-ever tour, and looking for love along the way. But as he and the gang crisscross America, they discover firsthand how diverse the cultural landscape of the United States really is – and how often fame puts pressure on love and friendship.

So when exactly is season 3 of Dave coming to Disney+? Read on for everything we know so far!

Dave Season 3 Disney Plus Release Date

In most regions, Disney hasn’t announced when Dave season 3 will be coming to Disney+. However, as Disney+ is a few years old now, we’re starting to learn patterns of when new seasons of Dave are added to Disney+.

This certainly allows us to make educated guesses on when Dave Season 3 will be coming to Disney+.

That said, we’ll be sure to update this article when we hear some official news from Disney.

Dave Season 3 Release Date UK

Disney has yet to confirm a release date for ‘Dave’ season 3. ‘Dave’ season 1 was added to Disney+ in October 2021, while season 2 became available in September 2022.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Dave season 3 will likely follow a similar release pattern and become available on Disney+ sometime between September and October 2023.

’Dave’ Season 3 Release Date Canada

In Canada, no release date for ‘Dave’ season 3 has been announced.

The release pattern for ‘Dave’ is pretty unpredictable as the first season was released in January 2022, and then the second season in April 2022. We predict that season 3 of Dave will be available on Disney+ sometime over the summer of 2023.

‘Dave Season 3’ Release Date Australia

In Australia, all three seasons of ‘Dave’ are available on Binge instead of Disney+.

How Many Episodes of ‘Dave’?

Dave season 3 will consist of 10 episodes, the same as the previous two seasons.

Where To Watch ‘Dave’ Season 3

In the United States, Season 3 of “Dave” returns to FX with two episodes on April 5, 2023, and streams the next day on Hulu.

Disney+ is the home of new ‘Dave’ seasons in most other regions.

’Dave’ Season 3 Trailer

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