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Disney 100 Collection Added to Disney+

Disney+ has added a new “Disney 100” Collection to the streaming service.

The collection features many of Walt Disney Studios’ classic shorts.

Some of the content in the “Disney 100” Collection includes:

  • Aquamania
  • Building A Building
  • The Skeleton Dance
  • Bath Day
  • Figaro & Frankie
  • Goody Gymnastics
  • Trial Mix-Up
  • Beezy Bear
  • Bearly Asleep
  • Dragon Around
  • Corn Chips
  • Winter Storage
  • Pluto’s Sweater
  • Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip
  • Mickey Mouse Thru The Mirror
  • Steamboat Willie
  • And many more

You can find the new collection in the All Collections section on the Disney+ home page.  Keep in mind, that various collections and content differ by country.

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