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Disney+ Adds 3 New ESPN Football Documentaries (US)

Today, Disney+ surprised sports fans in the United States by adding three new ESPN football documentaries to the streaming service:  “Deion’s Double Play”, “The Book of Manning” and “Four Falls of Buffalo”.  Check them out below:

The Book of Manning

A father-and-son story written into the pages of football folklore, it can be argued that no family has had more influence on a sport than the Manning’s. Archie – the patriarch – a star quarterback at the University of Mississippi and then with the New Orleans Saints, followed by oldest son Cooper, whose football dreams were cut short by a spinal condition, then sons Peyton and Eli — both of them quarterbacks, All-SEC, No. 1 draft picks, back-to-back Super Bowl champions and MVPs.

Deion’s Double Play

Brash. Electric. Magnetic. It would be hard to find another athlete whose brilliance on the field was such a manifestation of his persona beyond it as Deion Sanders. Sure, there were other stars who played more than one sport, and there were other figures whose individuality got your attention – but there was no one who did it quite like the man who loved the spotlight so much, he called himself “Prime Time.”

Four Falls of Buffalo

In 1989, the Buffalo Bills were a talented team full of big personalities — including future Hall of Famers Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed. Dysfunction and in-fighting ran as deep as the talent in their locker room, but the team known as “The Bickering Bills” would soon transform themselves into an elite force.

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