Disney Announces New Streaming Bundle with Ad-Free Hulu Included


Disney Announces New Streaming Bundle with Ad-Free Hulu Included

Disney’s latest streaming bundle includes Disney+, ESPN+ and ad-free Hulu. Previously Hulu was only available with adverts, so this new bundle is surely another way to attract people towards Hulu.

Ever since Disney+ launched back in November 2019, consumers in the US have been waiting for this new version of the bundle, which saves them money compared to three separate subscriptions. 

Here is how both bundles compare:

Disney+, ad-free Hulu and ESPN+ = $18.99 per month.

Disney+, Hulu with ads and ESPN+ = $12.99 per month.

A separate subscription to all three streaming services would cost you $24.99 a month. So, a saving of $6 a month will definitely prove popular for those who want to experience Hulu without ads.

The Disney+, ESPN+ & ad-free Hulu bundle is available for consumers in the US, offers and streaming services vary around the world. Many of the shows available on Hulu in the US will be available in the UK on Disney+ when they launch STAR next month. You can find out more about STAR here.

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