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Disney+ Announces Start of Filming and Casting For French Original Series ‘Tout Va Bien’

Disney+ has unveiled the cast of “Tout va Bien”, a new original French Disney+ series coming to Disney+ in France and globally in 2023. Filming has just started in Paris.

“Tout va Bien” plunges us into the daily life of an ordinary family, therefore necessarily neurotic and conflictual, faced with a disaster – the serious illness of one of its children – which impacts the lives of each of its members, including two generations of women.

This fiercely-toned choral comedy-drama explores the question of the strength of bonds, the catastrophe forcing everyone to reveal themselves, to weigh what matters, to measure the depth of grudges, unspoken, and flaws of each, with humor and hope.

“Tout va Bien” is a drama in which we can discover Anne (Nicole Garcia), the matriarch of the Vasseur tribe, bestselling author of personal development books facing a #metoo that affects her publisher and lover. Her husband Pascal (Bernard Le Coq) seeks his place with this woman who takes a lot. Claire (Virginie Efira), very involved and disturbed by her niece’s illness, must also forge ties with the daughter of her companion Antonio (Eduardo Noriega) whose ex-wife does not give them gifts. Marion (Sara Giraudeau) tries to keep her family life afloat with Stéphane (Yannik Landrein) and to endure the illness of her daughter Rose (Angèle Miele) by escaping into a relationship with Louis (Mehdi Nebbou). Or Vincent (Aliocha Schneider), the brother of Claire and Marion, steward apparently detached from everything but who will take the reality of life head on.

The series will star Virginie Efira, Nicole Garcia, Sara Giraudeau, Aliocha Schneider, Bernard Le Coq, Yannik Landrein, Eduardo Noriega, Mehdi Nebbou and more.

“I want ‘Everything is fine’ to be a realistic series, so often funny. I know how seriously ill a child can scare an increasingly demanding audience, which we sometimes imagine doesn’t want to see “that.” But I want us to feel warm in this series, that there is a pleasure of fiction, because we share the lives of characters struck by one of the worst nightmares of humanity … but who continue to live, with “that”, despite “that”, or for “that”. With their personal stakes, their shameful little secrets, their less official but sometimes joyful disasters,” explains Camille de Castelnau.

“Through this story, Camille walks her gaze on life which is unique. It’s documented, it’s nasty, it’s terrified of stupidity and baseness. And because it’s terrorized, it’s a vision of combat, without concession. Humor, derision, is the opportunity to be tender and look misfortune in the face, “says Eric Rochant, producer of “Tout va bien”.

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