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Disney Delays ‘Avatar’ Sequels Through 2031

Disney has delayed the next three “Avatar” movies by a year with the final film arriving in theaters in 2031.

“Avatar 3” has shifted to Dec. 19, 2025; “Avatar 4” to Dec. 21, 2029, and “Avatar 5” to Dec. 19, 2031.

In regards to “Avatar,” the space between the sequels will allow the post-production and visual effects department to continue expanding, developing and refining the different ecosystems across the vast world of Pandora.

“Each ‘Avatar’ film is an exciting but epic undertaking that takes time to bring to the quality level we as filmmakers strive for and audiences have come to expect,” producer Jon Landau wrote on Twitter. “The team is hard at work and can’t wait to bring audiences back to Pandora in December 2025.”


Source: Variety

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