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Disney+ GroupWatch – Everything You Need To Know

As we exclusively reported earlier this month, Disney has officially started to roll out a GroupWatch feature. The new feature will allow you to enjoy and experience Disney+ with up 6 different friends and family members.

As of writing, GroupWatch is only available in Canada but it’s expected to just be a matter of time before GroupWatch is available in other regions. Disney also hasn’t publicly acknowledged the feature yet so it’s likely more information will come to surface soon.

Here are some further details on how GroupWatch works.

Let’s take a quick look at how GroupWatch works:

The first step, which is probably the hardest step, is to choose something to watch. When a title has finally been decided, you’ll need to click the GroupWatch icon. This will start the process and make you the host.

Clicking the large white button will provide a shareable link where others can join your GroupWatch.

This is an example link that you would send for others to be able to join your GroupWatch.

Once everyone has joined, it’s time to start the stream! The host will be the only person who can start the stream.

All members in the GroupWatch will be able to pause and rewind the title that is playing.

As it stands, there doesn’t appear to be any chat feature but you can send emojis that will appear on the screen for everyone to see.


What countries is GroupWatch Available in?

GroupWatch is only available in Canada right now but will likely expand to other countries soon.

I clicked on a link to join a GroupWatch, but the GroupWatch is unavailable. Why?

  • If there are already 7 people in the GroupWatch you won’t be able to join that GroupWatch.
  • If the GroupWatch stream has ended, you won’t be able to join the GroupWatch. You can always start a new GroupWatch.
  • If you have exceeded the limit of 4 streams at the same time on one account, you will not be able to join the GroupWatch.
  • If GroupWatch and Disney+ aren’t available in your region, you will not be able to join the GroupWatch.
  • If the GroupWatch title is not available in your region, you will not be able to join. You can always find another title and start your own GroupWatch.
  • If you are logged into a kids profile, you will not be able to use GroupWatch.
  • If the GroupWatch is for Premier Access and you have not unlocked the title, you will not be able to join the GroupWatch

How do I invite people to a GroupWatch?

Only the host can invite people to the GroupWatch from their mobile device or computer on the web. Here are the steps to invite people:

On Mobile

  1. Select the GroupWatch icon on the title Details page to start a GroupWatch
  2. Select the “invite” button in the GroupWatch room to get an invite link.
  3. Select your preferred method for sharing the invite link.


On Web Browser

  1. Select the GroupWatch icon  on the title Details page to start a GroupWatch
  2. Select the “invite” button in the GroupWatch room to get an invite link.
  3. Click “Copy Link” to copy the link and share it directly with personal friends and family.

How do I leave a GroupWatch?

  • You can leave a GroupWatch at any time before the stream starts by going to the room, scrolling to the bottom, and selecting “Leave GroupWatch.”
  • You can leave a GroupWatch in the middle of a stream by backing out of the player. You’ll be able to select something different to watch or rejoin the GroupWatch.
  • You can leave a GroupWatch when the movie ends by clicking or selecting “Leave GroupWatch

Can I create a GroupWatch with people in different countries?

GroupWatch is designed for groups in the same country. GroupWatch does not support all titles across countries. Anyone you invite to a GroupWatch will be notified if they’re not able to join that GroupWatch due to cross country or content limitations.

How do I rejoin a GroupWatch or switch devices?

  1. If you want to rejoin a GroupWatch after leaving or from a different device, go to the Disney+ app on your preferred device, select the same profile that you joined the GroupWatch with. In many cases, the app will automatically prompt you to go to your GroupWatch on the homescreen.
  2. You can also find the title yourself and then click on the GroupWatch icon on that title’s page to rejoin the stream.
  3. Once inside your group, select the JOIN STREAM button to rejoin

How do I start & resume a GroupWatch?

To start a GroupWatch:

  1. Find the title you’re looking to watch on any Disney+ mobile or web applications
  2. Select the GroupWatch icon on the Details page
  3. Invite personal friends and family to the GroupWatch – you’ll get a link that you can share via SMS, email, social, etc.
  4. Click Start Stream

How do I send reactions on my TV in a GroupWatch?

You can send reactions from your mobile device while you’re watching on a TV. Make sure you’ve joined the GroupWatch room on your TV, and then join the GroupWatch from your mobile device using the same profile.

Once you’ve joined the GroupWatch on both devices, tap the notification at the bottom of the screen on your Disney+ mobile app to start sending reactions.

How do I join a GroupWatch on my TV?


Once you’ve accepted a GroupWatch invite through the Disney+ mobile or web applications, you’re able to switch to your connected TV to watch on the big screen. You’ll need to:

  1. Search for the title of the GroupWatch that you’ve joined
  2. Navigate to that title page
  3. Select the GroupWatch icon and select JOIN STREAM
  4. Once you’ve joined on your TV you’ll be able to share reactions through the Disney+ mobile app as long as you’re logged in with the same profile

Can we watch multiple episodes in a row in a GroupWatch?

Yes, you can stream multiple episodes in a row on a GroupWatch. Once an episode ends, you will have the ability to watch the next episode in the series. You can leave the GroupWatch at any time via the “Leave GroupWatch” button.

The next episode doesn’t start automatically. The host must manually select the “Play Next Episode” button to start the next episode.

How do GroupWatch reactions work?

Participants can send reactions from the Disney+ mobile app or web and they will appear across all participant viewing screens.

On the mobile app, participants can swipe left within a GroupWatch experience to bring up reaction emojis to share.

On web, participants can click on a reaction icon within the player to bring up the emojis to share. Participants watching a GroupWatch on a Connected TV device can use their mobile device to share emojis.

Can you change the title being viewed in the GroupWatch?

No, you are not able to change the title being viewed once a GroupWatch has started.

You’ll need to end the GroupWatch and start a new one if you want to change titles.

If you’re watching a series, the host can only change the episode before the stream starts.

How many people can join a GroupWatch?

  • Up to 7 people can join a group, including the host.
  • Up to 4 different profiles on a Disney+ account can join a GroupWatch and stream together.
  • Kids profiles cannot participate in a GroupWatch at this time.

What devices is GroupWatch Not Available on?

GroupWatch is not supported on select devices, such as PS4, some Roku models, and some Fire TV models.

How will I know once someone has joined the GroupWatch?

Once you invite people to your GroupWatch, you will be able to see who has joined in the GroupWatch room – their profile icon will appear as they join. You can start the stream at any time, and people can join the stream part way through.

What happens if I pause the GroupWatch?

If you pause what you’re watching, it will pause for everyone in the GroupWatch and they’ll be notified as to who has paused it. Anyone in the GroupWatch can resume the title by pressing play.

Can my child use GroupWatch?

A child account can not join or start a GroupWatch.

What countries is GroupWatch Available in?

As it stands, just Canada but this will be rolled out further in the future.

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