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Disney+ History 101 Watchlist

Learn about past historical events with this History 101 Disney+ inspired watchlist.  How did Walt Disney finally obtain the movie rights to Mary Poppins after a 20 year quest? Find out in Saving Mr. Banks.  Examine the wreak of the Titanic section by section from stern to bow.  Viewers can see the contents and passengers possessions up close in Drain the Titanic.  Or join archaeologist Pepi Papakosta on a hunt for Alexander the Great’s lost tomb as she makes an extraordinary discovery.  There is an abundance of knowledge available for everyone on Disney+.

The following titles are all available to stream now on Disney+:

  •     Before The Flood
  •     Diana: In Her Own Words
  •     Drain the Titanic (Not available in UK)
  •     Empire of Dreams: The Story of The Star Wars Trilogy
  •     Expedition Amelia (Not available in UK)
  •     Great Migrations
  •     Incredible! The Story of Dr. Pol
  •     JANE
  •     Lost Treasures of the Maya (Not available in UK)
  •     Miracle at Midnight
  •     Miracle Landing on the Hudson
  •     Origins: The Journey of Humankind
  •     Ruby Bridges
  •     Saving Mr. Banks
  •     The Finest Hours
  •     The Imagineering Story
  •     The Lost Tomb of Alexander The Great
  •     The Secrets of Christ’s Tomb (Not available in UK)

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