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Disney+ is Looking for Contestants for ‘The Maze’

Disney+ is currently looking for contestants to join the upcoming series, The Maze, which will follow teammates as they solve riddles and decipher codes in order to complete a European adventure.

Sound fun?  Here’s the details:

Disney is currently looking for teams of two — one tween or teen who falls in the age range of 11-15 along with one parent/guardian — in order to complete this mythical journey. The teams chosen to go on this adventure will be joined by creatures like wizards and eccentric characters, as they must solve riddles and decipher clues which will send them on a journey through European cities and fairytale villages.The show will film for four weeks in June or July 2020.

With a very unique take on adventure competition, “The Maze” brings five teams consisting of one adult and one teen relative on a journey of mind-bending proportions. In each episode, the characters will reveal information to participants pushing them onward and closer to their final destination where all contestants will convene, but only one team will solve the Maze. The show is being made by the executive producers of The Amazing Race.

For more information or to apply, visit themazecasting.com.

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