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Disney+ Italian True Crime Drama Series ‘This is Not Hollywood — Avetrana’ Begins Production

Disney+ has started production on the Italian true crime drama “This is Not Hollywood — Avetrana.”  The series is based on Carmine Gazzanni and Flavia Piccinni’s book Sarah: La Ragazza di Avetrana.

According to Deadline, the four-part series (original title Avetrana – Qui non è Hollywood) is based on the true story of the death Sarah Scazzi and the massive media response. Each 80-minute episode takes point of view of one of the story’s main protagonists — Sarah, Sabrina, Michele and Cosima, who are played by Federica Pala, Giulia Perulli, Paolo De Vita and Vanessa Scalera, respectively.

The series synopsis reads as follows:

“On August 26, 2010, in Avetrana, a small town on the edge of the holiday destination Salento, a young girl leaves home never to return. Her name is Sarah Scazzi, she is 15. The whole town is in turmoil, especially her cousin Sabrina, a beautician who is waiting for her in her house in Via Deledda to go to the beach later that afternoon. But while everyone is looking for her, Sarah has disappeared into the void, buried at the bottom of a well where she will be found 42 days after her disappearance, in what will become a real life horror show with intimate secrets and unspoken grudges.”

Imma Villa, Anna Ferzetti and Giancarlo Commare have also been cast for key roles in the show.

Pippo Mezzapesa is directing and wrote the screenplay along with Antonella Gaeta and Davide Serino in collaboration with Flavia Piccinni and Carmine Gazzanni. Fremantle-owned Groenlandia is producing.

Across EMEA alone, Disney’s International Content and Operations team plan to create 60 local productions by 2024, continuing to work with outstanding creators and premium producers as part of the company’s commitment to source, develop and produce high-quality original productions from around the globe.

Source: Deadline

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