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Disney+ No Longer Supporting Roku 4 Devices

The Disney+ app will no longer work on Roku 4 devices as of May 30, 2023.

Disney+ subscribers who are using Roku 4 with the model number 4400x will be required to purchase a more recent streaming device–from Roku or another manufacturer if they wish to continue using Disney+.

The below message is what Roku 4 owners are seeing when they launch Disney+ on their devices:

Disney+ will no longer be available on this Roku model after May 30 2023. To continue using the Disney+ app, along with all of its newest features and functionalities, please upgrade your device to a newer model.

Earlier this year, Roku announced that it has discontinued support for the nearly eight-year-old Roku 4.

Although this may disappoint Disney+ and Roku users, it is not surprising that Disney has opted to stop supporting a legacy device. At some point, the hardware becomes incapable of supporting updated features, and maintaining support and security for such devices is no longer feasible.

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