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Disney+ Original Documentary ‘More Than Robots’ Soundtrack Available Now

Walt Disney Records has released the soundtrack album for the Gillian Jacobs-directed film “More Than Robots,” an original documentary presented by Supper Club and Disney+.  The doc is available to stream now on Disney+.

The album features the film’s original music composed by Stephanie Economou.  Economou has previously worked on Jupiter’s LegacyThe Chair, Manhunt: Deadly Games, and Marvel’s 616.

The soundtrack is available on various digital platforms including Spotify and Amazon.

You can view the track list from the album below:

1. Jacob and the Vitruvian Bots (2:40)
2. The Chairman’s Team (1:12)
3. How to Play (1:20)
4. Sharing Resources (1:14)
5. Fatima and Fazlul (1:28)
6. Game Simulation (0:51)
7. Sakura Tempesta (2:37)
8. Imagination Over Knowledge (1:54)
9. Dean Kamen (2:02)
10. Kanon and Noi (2:49)
11. Mariana and Nautilus (2:37)
12. Aaron and the TeraWatts (1:37)
13. Los Angeles Regionals (1:25)
14. Competition Rules (2:26)
15. TeraWatts Final Match (1:52)
16. Collecting Data and Scouting (1:11)
17. If You Build It (3:01)
18. Vitruvians Play to Win (2:31)
19. Global Disappointment (1:29)
20. FIRST Teams Mobilize (1:34)
21. More Than Robots (4:19)

“More Than Robots” follows four teams of teenagers from around the world as they prepare for the 2020 FIRST® Robotics Competition. Get to know teams from Los Angeles, Mexico City and Chiba, Japan as they work towards the goal of taking their unique designs all the way to the highly competitive global championships. Although they are faced with overcoming challenges along the way, such as having limited resources within their community or putting everything on hold because of a world-wide pandemic, the kids persevere and learn that there is a lot more to the competition than just robots.

For more than 20 years, Disney has supported FIRST® with financial, in-kind and mentorship resources, and together with Lucasfilm’s philanthropic initiative Star Wars: Force for Change, FIRST® continues to bring hands-on learning opportunities and mentorship to more young people around the world, empowering them to not only think big, but to develop the skills needed to be the next generation of innovators.

“More Than Robots” is directed by Gillian Jacobs in her feature-length documentary directorial debut. Award-winning Supper Club founders Jason Sterman, Brian McGinn, and David Gelb are the producers. Lucasfilm’s Michael Garcia and Christine Beebe serve as executive producers, with Jacqui Lopez as co-executive producer.

You can watch the trailer for “More Than Robots” below and read our review of the film here:

Source: Film Music Reporter

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