Does Disney+ Offer Discounts Or Sales?

Disney+ is very competitively priced in the streaming service market. There’s only one other major streaming service that’s cheaper which is Apple TV+. This means we don’t see too many discounts or sales but it happens at certain points. 

Disney+ Launch Pricing Discount

Disney+ is slowly being released internationally and is typically offering launch day pricing. This is normally the best deal you’ll find on a Disney+ subscription. The savings varies based on the country but you can expect a discount of about $10 in your local currency. So far, the discounts have only applied to an annual subscription. If a discount is offered in your country, you must sign up before Disney+ launches in your country to take advantage.

Black Friday

Disney offered $10 off in the US for Black Friday in 2019 bringing down an annual subscription to $59.99 from $69.99. The deal was only valid in the United States and Puerto Rico and did not include a free trial.

At the moment, we’re unsure if Disney will offer any discounts for Black Friday 2020. We definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see Disney take advantage of the most popular shopping day.

Disney Plus Cashback Deals

There are several cashback deals for Disney+ on the web. If you’re unaware of how this website works, they typically allow you to get a percentage back if you sign-up for Disney+ using their affiliate link. We’re not going to link directly to any websites here as they change frequently, but a quick Google search will show you available options in your country.