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Disney Plus Not Working On Samsung TV? (QUICK FIX!)

It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re sitting down to watch some of your favorite movies and shows on Disney+, but for some reason, you’re experiencing a technical issue and Disney Plus isn’t working on your Samsung TV.

We’ve got you covered with some easy ways on how to fix Disney+ on your Samsung TV. By following these techniques, you can easily resolve any technical difficulties and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows on Disney+.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working On Samsung TV?

The number one reason why Disney+ doesn’t work on a Samsung TV is due to connection issues. To fix this, unplug your Samsung TV completely and wait 30 seconds before plugging your TV back in.

Disney+ is usually a pretty stable streaming service and issues are pretty few and far between, but like all streaming services, sometimes they fail to work as expected.

There are typically several reasons why Disney+ isn’t working on Samsung TV. We’ve listed some of the most common methods to get Disney+ up and running again on your Samsung TV.

Disney Plus Not Working On Samsung TV (How To Fix)

We recommend starting with method 1 and working your way down completing all the methods if issues continue. If all else fails, contact Disney+ for further assistance. We have details on how to contact Disney+ right here.

The below methods will help fix the following Disney+ Samsung TV issues:

  • Disney+ Freezing or Crashing
  • Disney+ buffering on Samsung TV
  • Disney+ Not Loading on Samsung TV
  • Issues logging into Disney+ on Samsung TV
  • And more!

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Disney+ requires a consistent and stable internet connection to work correctly on Samsung TV. If you have the option, hardwiring your Samsung TV instead of using Wi-FI will typically mean a smoother experience. This is especially important if you’re experiencing buffering issues with Disney+.

To check your internet connection on Samsung TV:

  1. Click the HOME button on your TV remote. Navigate to Settings and select it using your remote.
  2. Select Network in the General menu.
  3. Select Network Status.
  4. On this screen, it is possible to see the status of the network. In addition, you can check your IP settings and try to reconnect.

You may need to speak with your provider for support as there could be a latency issue with your internet connection connection.

Method 2: Update Your Samsung TV

It’s definitely possible that if your Samsung TV OS is outdated, you’ll have issues with your TV and Disney+ as a result. Samsung constantly releases software updates, so it’s vital you update frequently to ensure you receive bug fixes and stability improvements for your TV.

To update your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your remote control.
  2. Select “Support” from the menu and then click on “Software Update.”
  3. Choose “Update Now” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.
  4. Once the update is complete, your Samsung TV will automatically restart.

Note: The specific steps may vary slightly depending on the model of your Samsung TV. Make sure to check the user manual for your TV for detailed instructions on how to update the software.

Method 3: Restart the Disney+ App

It’s always worth restarting the Disney+ app when you’re having troubles. This will give everything a refresh and will often fix many different issues such as buffering, loading issues and more.

To restart the Disney+ app on a Samsung TV, you can follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your Samsung remote control to access the Home screen.
  2. Navigate to the Disney+ app using the directional buttons on your remote control.
  3. Once the Disney+ app is highlighted, press and hold the Enter button on your remote control for a few seconds.
  4. A menu should appear on your screen with options for the app. Select “Remove” or “Delete” to uninstall the app.
  5. After the app has been uninstalled, go back to the Home screen and navigate to the “Apps” section.
  6. Find and select the Disney+ app from the list of available apps, and then download and install it again.
  7. Once the app has been reinstalled, launch it and it should be restarted and ready to use.

Alternatively, you can try simply closing the app and reopening it. To do this, press the Home button on your remote control to access the Home screen, navigate to the Disney+ app using the directional buttons, and press the “back” button to exit the app. Then, navigate back to the app and select it again to reopen it.

Method 4: Lower the Stream Quality

To watch Disney Plus in HD, you’ll need at least 5 Mbps, while 4K Ultra HD streaming will need at least 25 Mbps. If you have a slow internet connection, you’re likely to experience Disney+ buffering issues on Samsung TV.

We do have a solution that might do the trick. Lowering the video quality, especially if you have a slower internet connection, should resolve a lot of buffering issues.

Here’s the steps on how to lower the video quality on Disney+:

  1. First, open Disney Plus on your device and access your Profile.
  2. After that, go to the App Settings.
  3. Lastly, select Save Data from the options and go back to watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Method 5: Re-login to Disney+

Signing out of the Disney+ app will give things a refresh and will often resolve a lot of issues.

  1. On your Samsung TV, find Disney+ and open the app
  2. Click on Log Out to complete the process.
  3. Sign-in again to Disney+ and play a movie and TV show to see if that resolved the issue.

Method 8: Reset Your Router

If all else fails, giving your router a reset is always worth a shot to try and resolve Samsung TV Disney+ issues.

To unplug your router and perform a reset, simply follow these steps:

  1. Locate the power cable connected to your router.
  2. Gently pull the power cable out of the router to disconnect it from the power source.
  3. Wait for at least 10-15 seconds before plugging the power cable back into the router. This allows the router to fully power down and reset.
  4. Once you have plugged the power cable back in, wait for the router to fully boot up and establish a connection to the internet.

Note that this method is slightly different from a “hard reset” where you press and hold a reset button on the router itself. Unplugging the router is a soft reset that should still reset the device to its default factory settings, but it may not be as effective as a hard reset for resolving certain issues.

How do I uninstall and reinstall Disney Plus on my Samsung TV?

Uninstall and reinstalling the Disney+ is an essential step when you’re having technical problems. If you take anything awhile from this article, it’s uninstalling and reinstalling should be completed.

When you reinstall, it’ll ensure you’re on the latest version of the Disney+ app. Disney is constantly releasing updates to app which often include performance improvements and bug fixes.

  1. On the Smart Hub panel, select Apps.
  2. Select My Apps.
  3. Select the Options icon on the top of the screen.
  4. Select Delete My Apps from the options menu.
  5. Select the app that you want to remove.
  6. Select Delete at the top of the screen.
  7. To confirm the delete, select Yes

Disney Plus Sound Not Working on Samsung TV

If you’re having audio issues with Disney+, the first thing to check is to see if other apps are working. Can you hear sound when watching something on Netflix for example?

If everything else is working as expected, this is likely a Disney+ issue. We’d recommend you uninstall the Disney+ app and see if that fixes the issue.

You should also check the HDMI and ensure the connection between and your Samsung TV or external speaker is fully plugged in. Audio signals are sent through the HDMI cable, so this needs to be in good working condition. Try unplugging the HDMI cable to see if there’s a loose connection.

You can also try adjusting the audio output and ensure it’s set to the correct output:

Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Output

If the wrong output is selected, you won’t hear anything! Ensure the correct audio output is being used, such as headphones, your TV or even a sound bar.

Disney Plus Showing Black/Blank Screen On Samsung TV

If Disney+ or your Samsung TV is showing a black or blank screen, it’s often due to the HDMI cable.

We recommend completely unplugging the HDMI cable out and back in again, ensuring it’s fully plugged in.

Disney Plus Buffering On Samsung TV

If you’re having issues with Disney+ buffering, we’d recommend doing a router reset. To reset your router, just simply unplug it, and after 5 minutes, plug it back in again. This should give everything a refreshing and stop Disney+ from buffering.

Additionally, uninstall the Disney+ app and redownloading is also a successful method to prevent Disney+ from buffering.

Check If Disney+ Is Down

It’s certainly possible that the issues you’re experiencing on Disney+ on Samsung TV are totally out of your control. Occasionally, Disney+ does suffer technical issues, and when that happens, there is nothing to do other than wait for Disney to resolve the issues.

You can read further details on how to check if Disney+ is down right here.

Still having Issues?

If the above methods failed to help with Disney+ issues on your Samsung TV, it’s time to kick things up a gear. Disney+ has 24 hour customer service via phone or live chat. You can view all the details on contacting Disney+ right here. Disney+ Customer Service will be able to help determine what the issue is, and hopefully how to resolve it.

Alternatively, it’s worth contacting Samsung as they should be able to provide additional steps on how to fix Disney+ issues.

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