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Disney Plus Not Working on Sky Q? (EASY FIX!)

Disney+ Sky Q Issues & Buffering

It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re sitting down to watch some of your favourite movies and shows on Disney+, but for some reason, your experiencing a technical issue with Disney+ on Sky Q. We’ve got you covered with some easy ways to fix Disney+ on Sky!

Why is Disney Plus Not Working on Sky Q?

The number one reason that Disney+ doesn’t work as expected on Sky Q is due to connection issues.

Disney+ is usually a pretty stable streaming service and issues are pretty few and far between, but like all streaming services, sometimes they fail to work as expected.

There are typically several reasons why Disney+ isn’t working on Sky Q. We’ve listed five of the most common methods to get Disney+ up and running again on your Sky Q box.

How to get Disney Plus Working on your Sky Q Box

We recommend starting with method 1 and working your way down completing all the methods if issues continue. If all else fails, contact Disney+ or Sky for further assistance.

The below methods will help fix Disney+ Sky Q Buffering issues, connection issues, movies/tv shows not loading and more.

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Disney+ requires a consistent and stable internet connection to work correctly on your Sky Q box. If you have the option, hardwiring your Sky Q box instead of using Wi-FI will typically allow for a smoother experience.

To check your internet connection on Sky Q:

1. Press Home on your Sky remote and then select Settings.
2. Select Network and ensure that you have a strong internet connection.
3. If you notice you’re NOT connected to your Wi-Fi, be sure to connect.
4. Try disconnecting from your internet and reconnecting
5. Check if Disney+ is working now

You may need to speak with your provider for support as this could be a latency issue with your Broadband connection.

Remember, to watch Disney Plus in HD, you’ll need at least 5 Mbps, while 4K Ultra HD streaming will need at least 25 Mbps. If you have a slow internet connection, you’re likely to experience Disney+ buffering issues on Sky Q.

Method 2: Update the Software Version on the Sky Q Box

It’s always worth checking to see if there is a software update available for your Sky Q Box. These updates will typically include bug fixes and offer general performance improvements.

To Update Sky Q Software:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, then select Settings then System Info.
  2. Select Software version followed by setup.
  3. Select Software download to begin downloading the latest software.
  4. You’ll see the message Software update in progress. Don’t switch off the Sky Q box during the download. This can take up to 10 minutes to complete.
  5. When you see the message Software download successful. Your box will complete the installation next time it goes into standby, press standby on the Sky Q remote to turn the box off. The Sky Q box should now restart itself.
  6. Wait for the on-screen instructions to disappear, then press Home on the Sky Q remote.
  7. Check Settings to make sure the Software Version has successfully updated. If it hasn’t, repeat the software download process.

Here’s a great YouTube video on how to do this:

Just keep in mind that depending on your internet speed, software updates can take up to an hour.

Method 3: Refresh Your Disney Plus App

Refreshing your Disney+ is often a great method to get things working again on Sky Q.

To Refresh Apps on Sky Q:

1. Go down to Settings but don’t press select.
2. Hover over settings.
3. Type 0 0 1 and then select to open the hidden menu.
4. From the hidden menu, scroll down and click refresh apps.
5. Test to see if Disney+ is now working.

Note: refreshing apps can take awhile.

Method 6: Reset Sky Q

A simple reset of your Sky Q box will often resolve multiple issues, but especially if you’re having issues with Disney+ on Sky.

1. Turn off your Sky box directly at the mains.
2. Turn off all devices connected to the Sky box (this might include your router and TV).
3. Check that all the lights on the Sky box have completely disappeared.
4. Leave the box and connected devices off for a few minutes.
5. Switch your devices back on.

Method 4: Check Satellite Signal

Press the Services button on your remote and then the 4 & 6 buttons. You’ll get the Signal Test Menu. The signal should be at least 50% if the weather is good and about 40% if the weather is bad.

Method 5: Reset Your Router

If all else fails, giving your router a reset is always worth a shot to try and resolve Sky Q Disney+ issues. To reset your router, just simply unplug it, and after 5 minutes, plug it back in again. This will hopefully get things back on track again.

Check If Disney+ Is Down

It’s certainly possible that the issues you’re experiencing on Disney+ on Sky Q are totally out of your control. Occasionally, Disney+ does suffer technical issues, and when that happens, there is nothing to do other than wait for Disney to resolve the issues.

You can read further details on how to check if Disney+ is down right here.

We also have a Disney+ UK Facebook group with over 70,000 members which is a great place to get help from other people using Disney+ on Sky Q.

Still having Issues?

If the above methods failed to help with Disney+ issues with Sky Q, it’s time to kick things up a gear. Disney+ has 24 hour customer service via phone or live chat. You can view all the details on contacting Disney+ right here. Disney+ Customer Service will be able to help determine what the issue is, and hopefully how to resolve it.

Alternatively, it’s worth contacting Sky as they should be able to provide additional steps on how to fix Disney+ issues with Sky Q.

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