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Disney Releases ‘Baby Yoda’ Shoes And Backpack

Over the last couple of months, ‘Baby Yoda’ merchandise has slowly been increasing. Disney has now released ‘Baby Yoda’ Shoes and Kid’s backpack!

Disney has once again teamed up with Zazzle to bring the new Star Wars-themed shoes. The new pattern features “The Child” and comes in both men and women sizes. You can order a pair right HERE for $89.99.

Here’s a little more information about the shoes:

It’s been affectionately named Afridrille because it’s inspired by the Spanish espadrille style, but it’s 100% made in Africa. The shoe retains the look and feel of the espadrille while weaving in the local African flair through unique custom designs, indigenous African patterns, and the kanga fabric (a colorful triangle garment worn throughout East Africa).

There’s also a new plush ‘Baby Yoda’ backpack on the way. It’s an officially licensed Baby Yoda backpack, and at $23.99, it’s actually affordable!

Here’s the official description:

This just might be the most adorable backpack on this or any other planet. Closely resembling the Force-ful foundling in the hit series The Mandalorian on Disney+, it even has ears! If you carry your gear in this, you’ll be the envy of all your friends, and it’s highly unlikely any of your enemies will dare approach you if they know what “Baby Yoda” is capable of. Win-win, wouldn’t you say? Order yours and like Mando you can state, “The kid’s coming with me.”


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