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Disney+ Releases ‘National Park Week’ Watch List

In honor of Earth Day, and to celebrate our planet and the need to protect it, Disney+ has released a watch list inspired by the National Parks.

Follow two journalists as they try to better understand the Grand Canyon in Into the Canyon, learn about the challenges wild animals face during all 4 seasons in Wild Yellowstone, or watch all 8 episodes of the America’s National Parks series.

Titles listed below are available in the US.  Availability varies by region and subject to change.

National Park Week

  • Into the Grand Canyon
  • Wild Yellowstone
  • Earth Live
  • America’s National Parks:
    • Episode 1 “Olympic”
    • Episode 2 “Yosemite”
    • Episode 3 “Everglades”
    • Episode 4 “Gates of the Arctic”
    • Episode 5 “Yellowstone”
    • Episode 6 “Saguaro”
    • Episode 7 “Grand Canyon”
    • Episode 8 “Great Smokey Mountains”

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