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Disney+ Reportedly Developing New Animated Series ‘Duckie’

Disney+ is reportedly developing a new animated pilot titled “Duckie.”

According to The DisInsider, the project is a 22-minute animated pilot that aims to captivate audiences with its unique storyline and relatable characters. The show will explore themes of personal growth, mentorship, and the power of overcoming challenges.

The storyline of  “Duckie” revolves around the eponymous character’s journey of self-discovery. Having recently survived a feral creature’s attack, Duckie finds herself scarred and plagued by self-doubt. While she grapples with the aftermath of this traumatic experience, Duckie enters a pivotal phase in her life. However, her path crosses with a mentor whose unwavering belief in himself is both awe-inspiring and foolish. Initially, they clash, but as their journey progresses, they form a unique bond that holds the potential to save the universe.

The central character, Duckie, is a spirited and headstrong 15-year-old duck who grapples with the desire to be seen as a fully-formed adult within her extensive family. Despite her youth, Duckie possesses a curious nature, an adventurous spirit, sharp wit, and impressive technological skills. However, she is currently recovering from a traumatic attack, causing her to doubt herself in stressful situations. Nevertheless, her world changes when she encounters a mentor who might just help her navigate through her challenges and, together, they might have the power to save the universe.

Casting on the project is currently underway with production scheduled to begin on August 1, 2023, in Burbank, California.

Source: The DisInsider

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