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Disney+ Reveals First Look Images and Release Date of Original Series ‘Sam – A Saxon’

Today Disney+ has released first look images and the launch date of “Sam – A Saxon”. It is the first Original Series produced out of Germany, which will premiere with all seven episodes on Disney+ in the United Kingdom on 26 April.

“Sam – A Saxon” is based on the incredible true story of Samuel “Sam” Njankouo Meffire, East Germany’s first Black police officer. The gripping series follows Sam on his journey to find a place to call home and his fight for justice against an overpowering system. It shows his childhood as an outsider, marked by the murder of his father; his rapid rise as a symbolic figure and media sensation of a new Germany, and Sam’s downfall becoming an internationally wanted public enemy. The highly emotional and thrilling series shows a captivating and new perspective on Germany.

Check out some first look images below:

L to R: Yvonne (Svenja Jung) and Jenny (Ivy Quainoo) in Sam: A Saxon.
L to R: Sam (Malick Bauer) in Sam: A Saxon.
L to R: Sam (Malick Bauer) in Sam: A Saxon.
L to R: Schmidt (Chef) (Andreas Enke) in Sam: A Saxon.

International Emmy Award® winner Jörg Winger (“Deutschland83/86/89”), who is also showrunner for “Sam – A Saxon,” Sebastian Werninger (both Big Window Productions) and Tyron Ricketts (Panthertainment) are the producers of the seven-part miniseries. “Sam – A Saxon” is executive produced by Leslie-Alina Schäfer and produced by Naomi Marne (Big Window Productions). The series is created by Tyron Ricketts, Jörg Winger and Christoph Silber (“Nordwand”).

“Sam – A Saxon” unites an outstanding and diverse team, in front of as well as behind the camera: Lead directors are Soleen Yusef (“House Without Roof”, “Deutschland89”) and Sarah Blaßkiewitz (“Precious Ivie”), head writers are Jörg Winger and Christoph Silber who co-wrote the scripts with the Writers Room (Malina Nnendi Nwabuonwo, Toks Körner, Tyron Ricketts, Soleen Yusef and Carolin Würfel). “Sam – A Saxon” is based on the biography of Samuel “Sam” Njankouo Meffire.  Malick Bauer (“Frau Jordan stellt gleich“, “Wir“) assumes the title role; Alex – Sam’s mentor, with whom he shares the experience of being a Black German – is played by Tyron Ricketts. Svenja Jung, Luise von Finckh, Carina Wiese, Paula Essam, Ivy Quainoo, Thorsten Merten, Martin Brambach, Nyamandi Adrian, Aristo Luis, Daniel Klare and more also star.  The series is filmed by  Stephan Burchardt and Max Preiss. Sam – A Saxon” is a production of Big Window Productions in cooperation with Panthertainment for Disney+. The seven-part miniseries is sponsored by the German Motion Picture Fund (GMPF) and Medienbord Berlin Brandenburg.

“Sam – A Saxon” is the first German Disney+ Original Series to launch on the streaming-service. Additionally, the following German Original productions have already been announced for 2023: The documentary series “Farm Rebellion,” the first ever series adaptation of the gripping youth adventure series “The Three !!!” as well as the screen adaptation of the bestselling same-titled novel “German House”.

Disney’s International Content and Operations team continually works with outstanding creators and premium producers to create, develop and produce high-quality Original productions from around the world.


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