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Disney+ Rolling Out ‘Skip Credits’ Feature For Marvel Movies

Disney has recently started to roll out a ‘skip credits’ option for select movies and devices.

So far we’ve only noticed that the ‘skip credits’ option appears for Marvel movies, which of course makes absolute sense with their famous post-credit scenes. When the ‘skip credits’ button is pushed, it takes you directly to the post-credit scene.

At the moment, the option doesn’t appear on all Marvel movies so it looks like the feature is slowly being rolled out across movies and devices as we’ve also only noticed this on iPhone/iPad and Apple TV so far.


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2 thoughts on “Disney+ Rolling Out ‘Skip Credits’ Feature For Marvel Movies”

  1. We don’t have this option since the end credits always minimize to a mini screen in screen window. Is there a way to make it stop minimizing? We don’t have the option to click the small window.

  2. As Lindsey said – no offense but this is not really acceptable. I often watch credits (even if it is not a marvel movie where there are sneak peaks and such that are kinda important) to see the people who did the special effects, VO and similar as I have people I know in those fields. I get it, keep a skip credits option, but I finally got my partner to agree to watch the MCU movies and then the damn screen minimized and on my Apple TV there was no way to get it back to full screen. Not even backing out and restarting the movie then scrubbing to the outtro trailer. Really damned frustrating.


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