Disney+ Subscribers Predicted to Exceed Netflix Users in 2026


The ever-growing Disney+ streaming service is set to reach more subscribers than Netflix in 2026, according to an analyst’s latest forecast.

In a report shared on Monday, Digital TV Research shared the prediction that projects that the number of subscribers to Disney+ will reach 294 million in 2026. This will exceed the 286 million that Netflix is estimated to reach by the same point.

It is worth noting, however that Disney+ will only have more subs than Netflix in one country – India: 98 million Disney+ Hotstar subscribers versus 13 million for Netflix, the report says.

The same report also predicts that Chinese streaming services are set to reach 279 million subscribers that year, Amazon’s Prime services 184 million globally, AT&T-owned Warner Media’s HBO Max 50 million, and Apple TV+ 11 million.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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