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Disney+ Suffering Technical Issues

Disney+ appears to be experiencing some technical issues today after a new episode from ‘WandaVision’, ‘The Muppets Show’, and ‘Flora & Ulysses’ likely increasing demand.

In our UK based Facebook Group, we’ve had many reports of issues ranging from being unable to log in or even being unable to watch content on Disney+.

According to DownDector, the peak of the issue was at the time that Disney+ releases new content. During the peak, there were almost 16,000 reports of issues in a single hour. A typical hour is about 100 reports of issues.

Disney+ appears to be more stable now and working for many subscribers but we are still seeing reports of issues from across the globe. This isn’t the first time that Disney+ has suffered issues as the service went down just a few weeks. This is likely something that Disney will be addressing as the service continues to grow rapidly.

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