Disney to Offer New Bundle With Ad-free Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for $18.99


Beginning in January, Disney will offer a new bundle plan which will include Disney+, ad-free Hulu, and ESPN+ for $18.99 per month.  That’s a $6 price increase over Disney’s current bundle plan which only offers a version of Hulu with ads for $12.99.

The $6 price increase matches the difference between the current standalone version of Hulu’s service with ads ($5.99 per month) and the ad-free version ($11.99 per month).

If customers were to purchase each streaming service separately, it woud cost $24.97/month (Disney+ $6.99/month), ESPN+ ($5.99/month), and Hulu without ads ($11.99/month).  So, the new bundle would save customers $5.98 each month.

An exact launch date has not been announced yet.

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