Disney Won’t Air Controversial Movies or Scenes on Disney+


Disney will be doing their best to say out of any drama when Disney+ launches, as controversial movies and scenes won’t be available for viewing on Disney’s new streaming service.

CNBC confirmed that Song of the South, the controversial post-credits blooper scene from Toy Story 2, and the Jim Crow scene from Dumbo won’t be available for streaming on Disney+ on launch day — not next week, and not ever.

As expected, Song of the South, will not be included on Disney+.

CNBC reports, “The film has been the subject of controversy since its 1946 release. Critics have described the film’s portrayal of African Americans as racist and offensive, perpetuating stereotypes and utilizing a “black vernacular.” Song of the South was also criticized for seemingly glorifying the plantation system of the post-Civil War South. Because of this, Disney has never released the movie on any home video format in the U.S.”

Disney will also be removing the controversial and suggestive post-credits blooper scene from Toy Story 2 featuring two Barbie dolls and Stinky Pete.

The Jim Crow scene from the original animated Dumbo film will be edited out of the film on Disney+ due to its racial insensitivity.

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