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Disney Won’t Share Ratings For Original Disney+ Content

Disney doesn’t have any plans to share viewing figures with the public despite industry-wide criticism.

The content and development teams overseeing Disney+ have spoken about how they’re approaching sharing metrics in internal conversations, according to multiple Disney executives. The company currently doesn’t see a reason to share metrics with the public, although creative talent who partner with Disney on Disney+ titles will receive some form of ratings.

Streaming companies like Netflix have faced backlash from reporters and the public for years for not being more transparent about viewership. This includes data like how many accounts finished a TV show or a movie, versus how many simply started a title. Netflix has become slightly more forthcoming in recent months, sharing more information on social media and in earnings reports about its metrics.

Sharing figures do help to deal with cancellations easier. If Disney starts to can shows, releasing those metrics could become a more prominent conversation. Disney has already renewed a few of its shows, like live-action Star Wars program The Mandalorian. It’s set for a second season that’s currently in development.

Investors probably want to know how many people are watching Disney’s $12.5 million-an-episode show, and executives might share those numbers. For now, the public and reporters will be kept in the dark.

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