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Dollface Review – Smart and Entertaining With Friendship at its Heart

Boyfriends may come and go, but girlfriends are forever. That seems to be what’s at the core of Dollface, a sharp, witty comedy that isn’t afraid to switch genre and format to make its point.

When we first meet Jules (Kat Dennings), she’s completely wrapped up in the life of her boyfriend, after announcing he no longer loves her he dumps her at the side of the road. It’s when a literal cat woman drives up beside her with a bus full of crying women that the magic realism of this show begins. It is Cat Lady’s (Beth Grant) job to guide Jules back to a place where she can talk to other women.

Once she breaks free from the world of relationships, Jules learns that all of her female friendships have expired, she must try to mend things between the two best friends she’s ignored for half a decade. It’s through the friendships between Madison (Brenda Song), Stella (Shay Mitchell) and Jules that Dollface begins to blossom into a lovely portrait of female friendship.

Dollface uses funny and gripping imagery that reflects insecurity brilliantly. Its surreal dream sequences are over the top on purpose and help to paint a picture of Jules’ struggles as she navigates single life.

The most appealing thing about Dollface is it’s female-led cast, Dennings in particular is excellent and with 10 episodes in season 1, there is a lot of scope to see more of these women bounce off each other.

Episode 1 was an easy watch, and the series itself will make a great addition to Disney+ via it’s new Star brand, easily sitting alongside the other more mature series available. You can watch the trailer below.

Episode 1 of Dollface premieres on Disney+ on Friday 5th of March, with a new episode dropping each week.

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