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ESPN Tile Coming To Disney+ Later This Year

Disney plans to add an ESPN tile to Disney+ by the end of 2024.  CEO Bob Iger announced the news this morning during the company’s fiscal second quarter earnings call.

The tile will feature “select live games” as well as studio programming, to watch within Disney+ and will be available for all U.S. subscribers.

“We see this as a first step to bring to ESPN-Disney+ viewers as we ready the enhanced stand-alone ESPN streaming service in the fall of 2025,” Iger said.

“It’s a start in terms of essentially conditioning the audience or subscribers to Disney+ and Hulu to the fact that sports is going to be there and it also will help us in terms of overall engagement with our bundle,” Iger added.

Disney is also partnering with Fox Sports and Warner Bros. Discovery on yet another sports streaming offering due to launch later this year.

The news comes after Hulu launched on Disney+ in March for bundle subscribers, with Iger saying the company is “encouraged by early results.”

Iger previously said the standalone ESPN streaming service will be part of the Disney+ bundle. The standalone product will include all of ESPN’s channels, including all of its major rights packages (including the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL and a host of college sports). ESPN+, its current streaming service, has some live events now and library programming including the 30 for 30 documentary banner.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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