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Every ‘Simpsons’ Christmas Episode Available to Stream Now on Disney+

Christmas is quickly approaching, but there’s still time to celebrate the most wonderful time of year with everyone’s favorite animated family….The Simpsons!  Below, you’ll find 17 Simpsons Christmas episodes that are available to stream now on Disney+.  Merry Streaming!

Season 1: Episode 1 –  “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire”

The Simpsons prepare for the holidays, but it’s rough sledding for household-head Homer, who’s forced to resort to desperate measures when his Christmas bonus is canceled and Marge’s family money goes to erase the tattoo son Bart thought would be a perfect gift.

Season 7: Episode 11 – “Marge Be Not Proud”

When Bart is arrested for shoplifting, his mother’s disppointment in him is extreme – so a dismayed Bart desperately tries to win back her respect.

Season 9: Episode 10 – “Miracle On Evergreen Terrace”

When Bart accidentally burns down his family’s Christmas tree and presents, the whole town chips in to give them a worthwhile Christmas. But his conscience begins to eat at him.

Season 11: Episode 9 – “Grift Of The Magi”

“Tim Robbins and Gary Coleman provide guest voices in a riotous episode spoofing the annual ‘must have’ Christmas toy. When construction costs owed to Fat Tony (Joe  Mantegna) bankrupt Springfield Elementary, a private company called the Child Development Group takes over. Its leader, Jim Hope (Robbins) promises a curriculum of ‘less ‘ick’ and more ‘yum”, but his real hope is to mine the kids’ minds for ideas to create the perfect toy. When Lisa realizes the truth, she and Bart sneak past a security guard (Coleman) and obtain a sample product, a doll that seems to do everything — and that includes destroying the other toys.”

Season 12: Epsisode 8 – “Skinner’s Sense Of Snow”

A blizzard traps Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie with an assortment of students at Springfield Elementary.

Season 13: Episode 6 – “She Of Little Faith”

Richard Gere guest stars in a Christmas episode that spawns a crisis of religious conscience in Lisa. The trouble starts when congregants of the First Church of Springfield, faced with a sudden need for funds, turn for help to Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer), who turns the church
into a business (“The old church was skewing pious,” says his advisor).  Enter podium-placed advertising and in-sermon commercials; and exit an outraged Lisa. Her disenchantment leads her to the Springfield Buddhist Temple and to Gere, who introduces her to teachings she finds easy to embrace. All of which has Rev. Lovejoy (also Shearer) wondering what to do about “Marge Simpson’s devil daughter.”

Season 15: Episode 7 – “’Tis The Fifteenth Season”

A version of “A Christmas Carol” causes Home to go become giving, prompting jealousy in Flanders.

Season 17: Episode 9 – “Simpsons Christmas Stories”

The Simpsons appear in 3 tales: the story of Jesus’ birth; a WWlll tale and a Christmas musical.

Season 18: Epsisode 9 – “Kill Gil, Volumes I & II”

Gil moves in with the Simpsons and Marge decides she needs to tell him off, ruining his life.

Season 22: Episode 8 – “The Fight Before Christmas”

An edgy Christmas with the Simpsons.  Katy Perry appears in a segment with puppets of the family.

Season 23: Episode 9 – “Holidays Of Future Past”

30 years in the future, Bart and Lisa discover the perils of parenthood in a post-apocalyptic world.

Season 25: Episode 9 – “White Christmas Blues”

When Springfield is the only town with snow at Christmas, Marge turns the Simpson home into a B&B.

Season 26: Episode 9 – “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas”

Homer leave his family alone for Christmas as he’s convinced his presence is a burden.

Season 28: Episode 10 – “The Nightmare After Krustmas”

Krusty and his daughter spend Christmas with the Simpsons.

Season 30: Episode 10 – “’Tis The 30th Season”

The Simpsons try to spend a relaxing Florida Christmas.

Season 31: Episode 10 – “Bobby, It’s Cold Outside”

Sideshow Bob returns, and Christmas is threatened.

Season 31: Episode 22 – “The Way Of The Dog”

The Simpsons explore the tragic past of Santa’s Little Helper.



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