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First Look at National Geographic’s ‘Secrets of the Penguins’ DocuSeries

National Geographic has shared a first look at its upcoming docuseries “Secrets of the Penguins” which will be released on Earth Day in 2025.  The new series expands NatGeo’s “Secrets” franchise, which James Cameron executive produces.

National Geographic and BAFTA Award-winning cinematographer Bertie Gregory release unprecedented footage of Emperor penguin chicks leaping 50 feet off an Antarctic cliff.

While on location at Atka Bay on the Ekström Ice Shelf in Antarctica for the 2025 installment of National Geographic’s Emmy® Award-winning SECRETS OF franchise (following this year’s planned SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS premiering this Earth Day), BAFTA Award-winning cinematographer Bertie Gregory (@BertieGregory) and star of the Nat Geo Disney+ original series ANIMALS UP CLOSE WITH BERTIE GREGORY filmed a group of over approximately 700 emperor penguin chicks on their first trip from colony to ocean only to find a 50-foot drop off a cliff blocking their path. In a stunning turn of events, the chicks began to leap from the summit, smashing into the icy ocean waters below – completely unscathed. This spectacular, heart-stopping moment has been witnessed by scientists before, but this is the first time the rare behavior has been filmed for television.

Check out the sneak peek below:

From executive producer and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large James Cameron, the three-part docu-series follows the success of the Emmy-winning SECRETS OF THE WHALES, narrated by Sigourney Weaver, Emmy-nominated and Critics Choice Documentary Award-winning SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS, narrated by Natalie Portman and the upcoming SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS.

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