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‘Freeks’ Soundtrack Now Available

Walt Disney Records has released the soundtrack album for the new Latin American Disney+ Original series “Freeks” which is streaming now on Disney+.

The album features the songs from the show’s first season performed by lead actors Guido Pennelli and Julián Cerati. Also included are selections of the series’ original score composed by Sergei Grosny.  Grosny has previously worked on IntertwinedRingo: Glory and Death, and The Roar of the Butterflies.

The soundtrack is available digitally on several platforms including Amazon and Spotify.

You can view the track list from the album below:

  1. Torcer el rumbo
  2. Estaré aquí
  3. Será lo que será
  4. Brujería
  5. Solo tú
  6. Ya no hay vuelta atrás
  7. Quieres de mí
  8. Brujería – Dueto
  9. Vamos
  10. Gi Espía
  11. La firma
  12. Nina y Gaspar
  13. Te entiendo
  14. Amig@s
  15. Una posibilidad

The series tells the story of Gaspar, who is forced to leave the band he created when Ludovico, Coco, Juani, and Ulises accuse him of stealing money from their shows. This accusation goes viral, triggering a social media outcry. While searching for the real culprit, Gaspar uncovers his bandmates’ secrets and witnesses how Lugones, an ambitious music producer, tries turning FreeKs into a commercial product, forcing them to stray from their unique essence. Gaspar relies on his friend Gi, who helps him with his plan and installs the monitoring gadgets he needs. In a motorcycle workshop, Gaspar meets Oso, an old-school rocker who becomes his friend and mentor. Finally, using the name Charly, Gaspar meets Nina, the new bunker manager. Amidst Gaspar’s struggle to vindicate himself in front of his former bandmates and solve the mystery of the robbery, he witnesses the enthusiasm, pressures, and contradictions brought about by FreeKs’ overwhelming success.

You can watch a trailer for the series below:


Source: Film Music Reporter

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