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FX’s Breeders | Season 4, Episode 7 Trailer – No Kids

FX has released the trailer for Episode 7 from Season 4 of “Breeders.”  Episode 7 will debut on FX on Monday, September 4, 2023, and stream the next day on Hulu in the United States.  New episodes will be released each week concluding over the summer. The show stars Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard and explores the challenges of parenthood.

In Episode 7, Paul and Ally are disappointed that their planned family holiday has become just the two of them. But they soon make new friends. Luke is preparing for his new life with Maya and makes a massive decision. What follows leaves them both terrified.

Check out the trailer below:

“Breeders” offers a painfully honest look at parenthood as Paul (Freeman) and Ally (Haggard) try to juggle their career responsibilities towards their children and their own aging parents.

Season 4 will pick up five years after the events of Season 3, which saw Freeman’s Paul and Haggard’s Ally on the brink of splitting up.  The final season will bring the biggest parenting challenge that Paul and Ally have ever faced, as 18-year-old Luke (Oscar Kennedy) drops a bombshell at Christmas dinner that will change everyone’s lives forever. No longer in Luke’s shadow, 16-year-old Ava (Zoë Athena) experiences her own bombshell moment as she meets and immediately falls for the charismatic Holly (Jessie Williams). Paul and Ally continue to try, fail and try again as they face these latest parenting challenges, while also having to support the increasingly troubled Jim (Alun Armstrong) and Jackie (Joanna Bacon).

The show is co-created by Freeman, Chris Addison, and showrunner Simon Blackwell and is produced by Avalon and FX Productions for FX Networks and Sky Originals.

Seasons 1-3 of “Breeders” are available to stream now on Hulu in the US and on Disney+ in some countries including Canada and Australia.   In the UK, previous seasons are available on Sky/Now TV.

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