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FX’s ‘The New York Times Presents: Sin Eater’ | Sneak Peek: How Jude Green Heard of Anthony Pellicano

FX has released a sneak peek at the new two-part docuseries “The New York Times Presents: Sin Eater” which premieres in full on March 10, 2023 on FX, stream on Hulu.

Sin Eater is a two-part series that delves into the crimes of the dirtiest P.I. in Hollywood. With exclusive, private tapes reavealing the dirty methods and vast lengths Anthony Pellicano went to mask the sins of Hollywood’s most treasured celebrities.

Part 1 of this two-part series on Hollywood’s dirtiest P.I. uses never-before-heard recordings to reveal the extraordinary methods Anthony Pellicano employed to hide the sins of celebrities and their lawyers when they thought no one was looking.

Check out the sneak peek below:

If you were famous and had a problem in the 1990s, Anthony Pellicano was the man you hired to make it go away. Hollywood’s dirtiest private investigator didn’t operate within the law to hide the sins of the rich and powerful. Pellicano’s victims accused him of harassing and intimidating them — in some cases ruining their lives forever. Ultimately, Pellicano went to prison for wiretapping and racketeering but now he’s out, and he’s talking. The Times obtained nearly the entire FBI case file, including audio recordings of Hollywood stars and powerbrokers that have never aired publicly. Using these tapes and confidential documents, “Sin Eater” investigates how the rich and powerful in Hollywood got an edge over the legal system and faced few consequences when Pellicano was exposed.

“Sin Eater” is produced and directed by John Pappas. Rachel Abrams and Liz Day of The Times are the reporters.

The New York Times Presents is a series of standalone documentaries representing the unparalleled journalism and insight of The Times, bringing viewers close to the essential stories of our time. Each documentary features investigative reporting on some of the most pressing issues of our society in a visual and unforgettable way.

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