GroupWatch Expands To Australia & New Zealand


After launching just over a week ago in Canada, GroupWatch has now expanded to Australia & New Zealand.

GroupWatch allows you to enjoy and experience Disney+ with up 6 different friends and family members.

As it stands, GroupWatch is only available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but this will likely expand to other regions soon.

Let’s take a quick look at how GroupWatch works:

The first step, which is probably the hardest step, is to choose something to watch. When a title has finally been decided, you’ll need to click the GroupWatch icon. This will start the process and make you the host.

Clicking the large white button will provide a shareable link where others can join your GroupWatch.

This is an example link that you would send for others to be able to join your GroupWatch.

Once everyone has joined, it’s time to start the stream! The host will be the only person who can start the stream.

All members in the GroupWatch will be able to pause and rewind the title that is playing.

As it stands, there doesn’t appear to be any chat feature but you can send emojis that will appear on the screen for everyone to see.

The screenshots above were taken from a computer however, we’ve tested this on an iPhone and Apple TV and it worked flawlessly.

Read a full breakdown on GroupWatch here.

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