‘Hannah Montana’ Prequel Coming To Disney+?


After more than 13 years after ‘Hannah Montana’ premiered on Disney Channel, a prequel may soon be coming to Disney+.

Bill Ray Cyrus, who played Hannah’s dad in the series revealed that work has officially begun on a prequel.

While speaking to HollywoodLife, he explained, “They’re talking about doing a prequel, which to me, I would do that in a heartbeat, because that means I get to get my mullet back. I think there’s a whole story that led up to Miley becoming Hannah Montana.”

‘Hannah Montana’ was a huge success for Disney which went on to have four seasons and a movie. It definitely wouldn’t be a surprise to see Disney bring back ‘Hannah Montana’ in some capacity on Disney+.

Disney has already announced their working on a ‘Lizzie McGuire’ reboot which is coming to Disney+ later this year.

It’s important to keep in mind that Disney hasn’t officially announced anything yet. Just because Disney is working on something doesn’t mean it will see the life of day. Stay tuned!

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